Tyler's Rig

My kayak setup draws a lot of attention.  The color, look, rigging, seat, and stability have caused me inquiries on my social media accounts, in my driveway, in parking lots, at the boat ramps, and on the water.  I'm happy to share my setup with people, so I thought it appropriate to document it here:

Year: 2016 
Make: FeelFree
Model:  Lure 11.5
Color: Camo Orange
Purchased From:  Austin Canoe and Kayak (I'm often asked where I bought the kayak from)

Year: 2016
Make: Bending Branches 
Model: Angler Pro
Color: Sea Green
Size: 250cm

Make: Garmin
Model: Striker 4DV

Rod Mount
FeelFree Uni-Trak Accessory Mount

Rod Holder
Make: Scotty
Model: Rod Holder 230

Anchor Trolley
DIY no-drill.  Bungees attaching pulleys to the front and rear handles.

Stakeout Pole
DIY - Fiberglass electric fence pole, 6 foot, with PVC T handle

DIY - 3lb dumbbells.  Carry 2 for extra weight in windy conditions
Anchor line is 50' paracord
Anchor line managed by a ParaCord Spool Tool

Hawg Trough
Attached to crate with small bungee cords

Tourney Tag (www.tourneytag.com)

Tackle Trays
Flambeau 3700 Waterproof

Stearns Fishing/Paddle Vest
I have a safety whistle and straight blade attached

Basic department store crate
2" PVC attached with zipties for rod/net holders
Plastic lid cut to size and attached with zipties

Rack:  Yakima roof rack.  Foam kayak pads on the round bars.
Loading:  Place bathroom mat on back of car, slide kayak on.  Bath mat allows the plastic to slide while staying in place and protecting paint.
Old boat trailer modified for my flat-bottom boat.  '

Primary Rod/Reel
Ardent Apex Tournament RH baitcaster
Ardent Denny Brauer Topwater Pro rod

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