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Back to Basics

Being disconnected from the world via technology is an odd thing.  The day prior, I had lost my phone in the Mississippi River, you can read about it in my article " Mississippi River: Kleptomaniac ".  I found myself reaching for, and attempting to check, my phone a scary number of times.  Like I was an amputee that still had sensations as if my appendage was still attached.  After I came to this realization, I found the situation freeing.  Just silence, like when I was a kid.  No connections, just life.  Though, I'll admit, driving home the night before in the dark of rural Wisconsin was a bit tense.  Should I hit a deer, I could go without seeing another car for hours. Don't get me wrong, I love what technology has brought to our lives.  Especially what it does for the fishing community.  It allows me to connect, communicate, and compete with anglers all over the world.  Social media allows the communication and connections.  The app  Drophook  allows like-minde

Mississippi River: Kleptomaniac

My relationship with the Mississippi River has been a love/hate one this year.  I love the great fishing it has provided me and the beautiful scenery as I travel along the Great River Road along the Wisconsin border as I travel to my fishing spot.  I hate that it has become a kleptomaniac, stealing from me the last two trips.  My last time on the Mississippi, I lost a new spinning combo, which you can read about in my article Old Man River .  We'll get to the latest item robbed later. The adventure began, as per usual, with a plan.  I was talking fishing plans with my friend Chang Lor of  After some discussion, we decided to meet again at the Mississippi.  My cousin, who is familiar with the waters, suggested an area near where we were fishing before.  My home boss (wife) approved and took it as an opportunity to make plans with family out of town.  I began preparing for a weekend fishing marathon. Saturday morning we meet at the launch.  There is a slight

How I FeelFree

Everyone has their "happy place", "black rock" (O.A.R. fans will get this), or something that makes them feel free.  I feel free by fishing from my FeelFree kayak.  Kayak fishing has brought me closer to the sport than ever before.  So much so, it is now my only fishing vessel.  After a tough month of fishing, this Labor Day weekend fishing marathon reminded me what makes me feel free (or FeelFree).... Day 1 The extended weekend began with early Saturday morning fishing.  I arose early and let the dogs out, which introduced me to the early fall Wisconsin air of 48 degrees.  Used to the summer air, I felt a slight chill and grabbed a sweatshirt.  It was still dark, a hint of light peeking over the trees to the east.  I jumped in the Jeep, ready for my 2 minute commute to my local reservoir. I was greeted by an expected empty parking lot.  The lake was covered in a foggy haze.  Except this was not fog, it was the haze of heat escaping the water after the lower