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Calling All Anglers!!!

I am relatively new to the community of kayak fishing.  This amazing community is gaining popularity and welcomed me with open arms with unbelievable support.  This community has shown their "stripes" at a new level.  This time, it isn't about likes, comments, followers, views, hits, shares, posts, ads, or mentions.  It is about people, kayakers and non-kayakers, anglers and non-anglers, and their lives.

On June 23rd, West Virginia was hit was hit with massive flooding.  The amazing folks at Mountain State Kayak Anglers immediately took action to help those impacted by this devastating event. They promptly collected donations and supplies to help those impacted by this terrible event.  They also started a raffle with an unbelievable list of prizes (which continues to grow).  They also collaborated with the amazing folks at Kayak Bass Fishing and TourneyX to start a benefit tournament from which all proceeds go to the victims.

The prompt support of the kayak fishing comm…

Beautiful Exhaustion

I took this week off my day job for the annual week-long fishing marathon with my brother-in-law.  It was a long, but fun, week with a tough bite and beautiful views.


Prior to my brother-in-law's arrival, some preparatory work was required.  Historically we had fished tandom in a jon boat.  Since getting my FeelFree Lure, I haven't used it.  With personal back issues, the Lure is exponentially more comfortable.  He wanted to try kayak fishing, so I rented a kayak from a local university.  They have a great program called Stout Adventures that rents to students and community members.  This secured his ride for the week.

After a successful pre-fish frogging at the end of last week, I was in need of a re-stock of key lures.  I made the short drive to meet Dakota at Bite-Me Bait and Sport Shop in Mondovi, Wisconsin.  He has the biggest selection of plastics I have ever seen, great prices on the mainstream lures, and an impressive selection of handmade lures.  A couple racks…

Home Field Advantage

Those who have been reading my posts have read about my challenges this year on my home water.  Typically a great fishery, this year has been challenging.  It started out great but a Wisconsin cold snap during the spawn completely changed the fish patterns and preferences.  The slow Wisconsin thaw also left the water unusually clear (cow manure and the like did not runoff into creeks and streams that feed the lake).  That all changed this last week with a significant amount of rain.  The water has returned to its murky self and the weed mats have  returned to their usual positions.  I decided to hit the water this evening after work to kick off my whole-week-off-my-day-job fishing extravaganza hoping the normalized fishery would move me up in the KBF/TourneyX tournament I'm participating in.

As I launch my FeelFree Lure, I smile at the murky water I'm used to.  After spending some time trying a buzz bait, crank baits, and a ned rig on the ledges, they prove unsuccessful.  Sinc…

Days of Confused

My local reservoir has historically been my go-to fishery.  Anytime I get skunked elsewhere, a couple hours on the water here would produce several fat 16"+ bass.  However, this year, I have left the water a few times confused.  I am marking fish on my Garmin Striker 4DV and physically see them when sightfishing from my FeelFree Lure.  The usual arsenal of lures aren't enticing the big ones anymore.

Yesterday was no exception.  My trip yesterday was a triple-threat mission.  I was on a recon. mission for my cousin, and fellow angler, fishing a local tournament.  I was also on a personal mission to figure out the fish on a low pressure non-weekend day.  The third triad of the mission was to move my name northward on the KBF North Central Great Lakes regional challenge.

A quick survey the day prior was promising.  The lake is historically stained from creek runoff into the river feeding the lake.  However, several boats fishing the lake on a Thursday were a bit concerning.  Thi…

Fan Appreciation Giveaway

Recently I shared my appreciation for my readers, followers, and companies that support me and/or make the products key to my success.  I am truly grateful for the support and kind words.

Thus, I would like to take a pause from my usual shenanigans to thank everyone who supports me with a series of giveaways.  My first thank you giveaway series will feature Ardent gifts.  The folks at Ardent Outdoors have been kind enough to welcome me to their team.  I am proud to represent a company who stands behind their reels with a 3 year warranty.  The giveaway series will be as follows:

Milestone 1: I will select 3 random fans who like and comment on my giveaway Facebook post to receive an Ardent decal on July 1st, 2016.

Milestone 2:  At 1,500 Facebook page likes and YouTube channel 50 subscribers, I will give away an Ardent hat to a random fan who likes and comments on the giveaway Facebook post.

Milestone 3: At 2,000 Facebook page likes and 100 YouTube subscribers, I will be giving away an Ard…

Just Fishin'

This morning, after a long day of beachin' yesterday, I was able to hit the water with my dad.  He took his kayak and I mine.  My dad is the one who taught me how to fish at a young age, so I enjoy fishing with him when we get the chance.

We tactically decide to launch in the Yellow River, before it pours into Castle Rock Lake in Wisconsin.  This area of the river is wide and shallow with a lot of various vegetation.  Perfect for froggin'.

Arriving at the launch, the wind is blowing hard.  This river and Castle Rock Lake are typically a rust color from the sandstone and pine trees, but this is much darker than usual.  The water looks like chocolate milk, with about 2 inches of visibility thanks to the recent heavy rains.  Optimistic, I drop the seat on my FeelFree Lure to keep a low profile as we head across the river to a bay blocked from the wind.

Getting some harbor from the wind, we begin working the lily pads, grass, and underwater weed beds.  The area is promising, my d…


This weekend my family and I made a journey a few hours south to celebrate my daughter's upcoming birthday with family at their place by Castle Rock Lake.  To mitigate the possibility of forgetting key kayak or fishing equipment, I prepared the kayak the night before.  My rods, net, stakeout pole, hawg trough, TourneyTag, KBF identifiers, anchors, and PFDs were nestled in the front hatch of my FeelFree Lure ready for a long ride.

The next morning I connected the trailer to the Jeep and verified the straps were ready for the journey.  Next, I was tasked with putting the puzzle of bags, totes, toys, blankets, and other necessities to support myself, my wife, and two kids for the weekend.

After successfully completing the puzzle, we were off.  Upon arrival, we stopped at Shipwreck Bay in Mauston, Wisconsin for a delicious late lunch.  We spent the evening with family and nervously checking the weather, calling for rain and storms the next day.  We were planning a day at the beach wh…

Your Humbling Kindness

I typically write about my fishing shenanigans, good and bad.  I wanted to take a break from the topic to pause and thank my audience.  Your support, kindness, and acceptance are humbling.

I started this adventure in blogging and social media 2 months ago.  Never did I think it would turn into a great following with such support.  I am not one to gloat, but wanted to share the milestones reached in the last two months as a "shout out" and thank you to the people and organizations that have supported the sharing of the shenanigans that escape my head, through my fingers, via the keyboard onto the Internet.

The "mothership" of my shenanigans is my blog,  In the first two months, I have received over 12,700 hits.  My last post received 1,300 hits in under 12 hours and is about to surpass 1,500 overall.  My Facebook page had over 1,000 likes in 2 weeks.  To-date it is over 1,100 likes.  My Twitter account was over 1,200 follows in 2 weeks.  To-date I am over 1,600 foll…