All in the Family

Kayak fishing.  It brings you closer to the water and nature (figuratively and literally).  We love the challenge, the peace, the health benefits, and the thrill of the sleigh ride when we hook a big fish.  Something not considered/realized until you join/reach out to the kayak fishing community is the the brotherhood/sisterhood/family of kayak anglers.

When I joined the kayak fishing community, I expected it to be fun.  I never expected to be welcomed with open arms immediately, such an immediate positive response to my writing, being immediately considered a brother to my fellow kayak anglers, or the unparalleled amount of support given.

I have seen on countless occasions the kayak angler family come together to help others with questions, help locate a fellow angler's stolen kayak, or help fellow anglers in times of tragedy.  A time of tragedy is again among our family, and we need your help to bring this sense of family and support to a fellow member of the kayak angling family.

A very active member of the Mountain State Kayak Anglers, and the kayak fishing community as a whole, was killed in the line of duty.  Lt. Aaron Crook, a police officer and Marine Corps Veteran was recently killed in the line of duty.  Aaron was only 32 years old and left behind a wife and two young children.  The news of this took me back a bit, as a 32 year old father of two young children myself.  I can't imagine what that family must be going through.

Thus, I ask my readers kayak anglers, boat anglers, bank anglers, non-anglers, or whomever you may be, please help this family.  The Mountain State Kayak Anglers has gathered with the kayak angling, kayaking, and fishing vendors and communities to arrange a raffle to raise funds to go in a trust for Aaron's children.  If you can, please enter the raffle for an amazing cause with a great (growing) list of prizes!  Lets show Aaron's family that they are part of the kayak angling family and we got their backs.

You can enter the raffle here:

Get updates and more information on the fundraiser on the MSKA Facebook page here:

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