It Gets Better!?!? - The New Bending Branches Angler Pro!

It is no secret, I love my Bending Branches Angler Pro.  So much I got a second Pro Plus for paddling my narrower kayaks.  I even became a Bending Branches dealer through my new business, Small Craft Outfitters!

I have my Feelfree Lures and Bending Branches Angler Pros to thank for allowing me to paddle longer and safer.  They have saved my life once, and recently were critical in rescuing a family of 5 (another article coming soon on that adventure).

A beautiful Wisconsin paddle with a beautiful Wisconsin bass
I am lucky to live close to Bending Branches HQ in Wisconsin and made a trip to visit and pick up a customer paddle (yes, it is true they make all of the paddles by hand and to-order).  I was welcomed by an extremely talented, passionate, and kind group of people.  They were enthusiastic about the new paddles, talk to me about my new business, and went as far as asking if there is anything they could help me be successful.  I was completely taken back.  This is a giant in the industry with amazing values, I'm truly honored to be part of their Regional Ambassador Team and a dealer.  As a dealer, people always ask if the Pro is worth the money.  I tell them, "Paddle it and see.".  This will now hold even truer with this amazing new design!

I couldn't be happier with my Angler Pro, attention to detail they put into every paddle, and their amazing company values.  Until I caught a glimpse of the new Angler Pro.

Me smiling because of the new Pro paddle.....
oh, and the fish
First of all, this paddle is stunning.  Equipped with a carbon shaft and fiberglass blades, the new patterns are beautiful.  I found myself staring at it, the pictures do not do it full justice (I may have drooled a little too).  Hold the paddle up to the light and prepare to be amazed, again.  The patterns in the blade are unlike anything I've seen before in a paddle.  The passion and attention to detail is apparent from the first time you lay your eyes on it.  Then, there is the paddling experience.

I was given an opportunity to paddle the new Pro Plus, and I was blown away.  I hit the water with Bill from Bending Branches.  We each had our current Angler Pro Plus paddles and the new one.  I didn't think it got any better, but it did.  And I loved it, couldn't get enough.

Bill from Bending Branches pushing off a river sandbar
Anyone who has paddled the Angler Pro knows it slices through the water efficiently, with an amazing amount of ease.  The materials and design allow kayak anglers, such as myself, propel the larger fishing kayaks with ease.  Without it, my 13 straight hours on the water would not be possible.  Well, this new paddle, with adequate caffeine and toiletry supplies, is going to make me want to stay on the water for 24 hours straight.

I don't know how they did it, but the engineering geniuses at Bending Branches outdid themselves.  The new design slices through the water even better than the old model.  The best part is the silence and efficiency of the paddle pull.  The current Pro is quite quiet (even for paddlers like myself that do not use a "proper" paddling technique), but this new Pro is nearly silent.  Very little flutter, no sound of air rolling off the blade on the stroke.  I was blown away.  I paddled it for a while, fishing rods at the ready.  I was so taken back by the beauty and performance of this paddle, I forgot I was there to fish.

Bill from Bending Branches with his Angler Pro stowed,
using Drew Ross's Pro while Drew experiences the beauty
of the new Pro!  Check out Drew's review at his Looknfishy blog:
All of this and they somehow managed to reduce the weight AND price on the paddle!  My hats are off to the entire team at Bending Branches.  I am honored to represent them on multiple levels and can't wait to get my hands on a new pro of my own!

Along with this major announcement, Bending Branches also announced the new lower weights on their Pro and Ace models.  And they take it to the next level with the Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon - it weighs in at 25.5 oz and is carbon fiber end-to-end!  Finally, they also announced the new lower price point of the Angler Classic.  These announcements make me excited for the year to come in the kayak industry!

Specs on the new Angler Series lineup:

NEW Angler Pro Carbon
• $399.95 (Snap) $424.95 (Plus)
• Weight: 25.5 oz
• Full carbon construction from tip-to-tip
• Same blade shape as the Angler Pro, but Compression Molded Carbon
• Available in lengths from 230-260cm in 10cm increments and in the Plus ferrule, 230-245cm or 240-255cm
Angler Pro
• New, lower price points! $299.95 (Snap) $324.95 (Plus)
• New patterns: Dorado, Radiant, and Raptor
• New, lower weight: 28.5 oz
• New, oversized blade shape and profile
• Available in lengths from 230-260cm in 10cm increments and in the Plus ferrule, 230-245cm or 240-255cm
Angler Ace
• New, lower price points! $199.95 (Snap) $224.95 (Plus)
• New, oversized blade shape
• New, lower weight: 30 oz
• Available in lengths from 230-260cm in 10cm increments and in the Plus ferrule, 230-245cm or 240-255cm
Angler Classic
• New, lower price points! $139.95 (Snap) $164.95 (Plus)