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After fishing my home water with some new success (read about it here: ), I text my wife to check the weather over by the Mississippi river.  Severe storms were rolling through the area and my data connection is limited.  She confirms a chance of rain-only forecast.  Though exhausted already, I make the paddle back to the launch, load my kayak and gear, and start the 1 hour drive west towards "Vikingland", as my daughter would say. The drive, though long is beautiful.  The river road follows the Wisconsin border along the St. Croix river until it meets with the Mississippi in Pepin, Wisconsin.  Large bluffs and scenic outlooks line the banks, making the drive enjoyable.  Staying on the Wisconsin side, I enter the sloughs of the Mississippi.  I'm not entirely sure where I'm going to fish.  With a kayak as my vessel, I drive slowly and look for the most inaccessible spots I can find.  I spot a gravel c

All In

I love fishing.  I love fishing from a kayak from my FeelFree Lure more than expected.  I recently decided to go all-in.  I registered for the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association Fishing Opener Online Tournament .  I have also registered for the Tourney X Great Lakes Regional tournament in May hosted by Kayak Bass Fishing . To ensure my tournament identifiers are properly preserved and displayed in my CPR (catch photo release) tournaments, I'm anxiously awaiting my recently ordered Tourney Tag .  If you are in CPR tournaments, check these guys out.  Their versatile product protects your identifiers exponentially better than your run-of-the-mill sandwich bag. In addition to entering the kayak fishing tournament trail, due to the overwhelming social media feedback on by blog, I am awaiting review from Amazon for my blog to be available to Kindle readers!  I will surely share the link on my blog, Facebook page , and Twitter account once approved.  I'm also working