No Excuses

No excuses. Rain or shine. The love of fishing with the "no excuses" approach has served me well in the past. I've caught some of my best bass in rainstorms while others are warm in their homes.

 Last year I landed a nice largemouth in my Jon boat while a good Samaritan was cleaning up the river bank. He looked up while I was admiring the beautiful 19" fish and said, "Wow! Nice fish!".   I smile and release her so others may enjoy catching her and the future generations she will create. The good Samaritan yells, "What!?!?! You aren't keeping that fish?!?!".   I reply, "No, I'll let her make more bass and be caught again." By the look on his face, you would have thought I was skinny dipping in the river.  We silently agree to disagree and carry on as we were.

To clarify, I occasionally keep fish for a Wisconsin fish fry.   I believe people are free to choose to keep or release fish within the local laws.  But I am teaching my daughter, who loves to fish, the importance of sustainability of fisheries for future generations.   In some waters, the size and numbers of species are dropping.   I enjoy the sport of fishing and want my children and future generations to be able to enjoy it as well. But I digress.

With bass season closed in Wisconsin until May 7th, I had every intention of a "no excuses" rainy bite this morning from my FeelFree Lure kayak.   A local stretch of river is open to bass fishing year-round.  Ever since the water has opened and risen to spawning temperatures, bass fishing is an itch I need to scratch.  My kayak and rain poncho were loaded last night in preparation for today's forecast.   I woke up this morning to red on the radar.  I'll fish in wind, rain, ice, and snow.  I draw the line at lighting.  As the rain slows, I check the radar.  My eyes light up like a kid's on Christmas morning when the radar confirms light rain for some time to come.   As I begin to gather my clothes for the trip, I realize I failed to check the temperature.  It is in the 40's.  Passion, drive, and the "no excuses" attitude is great, but common sense should be greater.  I'm not properly equipped for conditions guaranteeing hypothermia without proper attire.  The radar also shows heavier rain north of the river, sure to cause higher water levels and stronger current.

Though disappointed as my itch to kick off the 2016 bass season grows, my glass-half-full wife points out I can now spend this lazy Sunday with the family.   I make the best of it by spending time with the family and catching up on my blog's social media accounts.  In attempt to abate the itch I reminisce on my last big catch on a rainy summer day of the past.  Until the temperatures rise, my "no excuses" approach will be overridden with a "common sense" approach so that I can fish another day.  Enjoy your passions, but be smart so you can enjoy them another day.