The Addiction

There is just something about it, the addictions.  The first is the addiction to catching fish, bass, the topwater explosions. The outdoors.  The second is pushing the limits of the small craft.  Jon boats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, SUPs, etc.  The addiction of pushing these low-cost, low maintenance crafts to seek bass.  The adrenaline rush when you have a hit and go for a ride.

Beyond my family, moments like this are what I live for.  I also live for the repetition of these moments that cause the big bass boat weekend warriors to follow me, when my entire setup cost less than their electronics.

Sure, I'd love a decked-out bass boat.  But it isn't practical for my family.  For my fishing, my 12' Alumacraft given to me by my father-in-law and my recently added kayak are what I enjoy fishing from.  They push my creativity and planning.  I can't simply fire up my 250 HP motor and cover any body of water I please.  I must plan my lakes, floats, and launches.  It pushes me to think harder about the weather, tackle, depth, temperature, and location.  It forces me to be more like my great grandfather who was a skilled fisherman with a cane pole and crude lures (compared to modern-day lures).

If you haven't had the experienced fishing from a small craft, powered by an electric trolling motor or oar/paddles, I highly recommend it.  The experience grounds you, hones our planning and senses, and connects you with nature without worrying about the boat payment, maintenance, breakdowns, etc.  After-all, boat stands for "Bust Out Another Thousand" for a reason.  Push yourself to seek big fish via the small craft.  They will take you body and mind to places they could never venture in a $70,000 bass boat...

This blog is about my journey fishing from small craft.  I hope you join me and enjoy the journey as I share one of my passions.


  1. Looks like a great new blog... Look forward to many more great posts

  2. I know the feeling. Recently got hooked on kayaking and adding on the fishing, just seemed like a natural step. I've entered into my first kayaking tourney starting this May.


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