The 4 Most Essential Kayak Tools to Never Leave Home Without!

Now you probably read that title and thought...only 4?! There are so many more essential items than just 4 and yes I would agree.  A couple that came to your mind was probably fishing gear, snacks, bump board, and the dreaded tournament identifier.  Now I forget those a lot of the time but they don't make my essential 4 list.  To be honest it's more like an essential 10 list but if I had to boil it down to 4, this would be the 4 top items that I would not leave the boat ramp without...side note, this doesn't include the recommended safety precautions (PFD, light when needed, whistle, etc...) those are essential they are mandatory! Now let's get started!

1.  The first essential item on my list is a Sharpie marker.  If you ever see me at the ramp I usually have access to about 3 (pocket, in yak, and in the truck).  They can be used for many different things out on the water!  It is great for last minute additions to your tournament ID and touching up on your bump board.  They also work great when coloring faded braided line.  I also use a Sharpie to help keep track of fish pictures in tournaments.  I keep track of fish in my camera roll by using tally marks on my hand to help me easily identify them after a long day on the water.  I've even thought about using it as eye black on sunny days...don't worry I haven't ACTUALLY done it...yet.  Mark sure you have a Sharpie with you on the water!

2.  Ziploc baggies take the cake for the number 2 spot.  These are awesome in a pinch as they make a MacGyver waterproof safe haven for your keys, phone, wallet, and tournament ID.  Now it's probably not the best but if a $0.10 baggie can save my $500 phone, I am all for it!  Also I love to use them to pack my lunch and then put all my soft plastic trash in them to ensure I don't pollute the waterways.  Make sure to throw a couple in the yak for next time.  They take up no room at all and they can save you from a really, really bad day.

3.  Now number 3 was difficult I had two go tos for this one so I will put both and let you decide which one suits your needs.  My options were duct tape or zip ties.  Personally I favor duct tape since in the event of a hole in your yak, it can serve as a temporary patch job to get you to shore or to the ramp.  Also I feel like we have all had that moment when everything is going right until something becomes unattached or just falls off its mount and won't go back on.  Thats where the duct tape comes in!

4.  Last but certainly not least is TP or dude wipes (If you haven't check them out you owe it to yourself to do so).  Believe me you don't want to be several miles from the ramp and really have to go...  Also TP is good for many different first aid uses and dreaded spring allergies.

Well those essentials probably weren't what you were expecting but I hope they help you next time you are out.  No one likes to forget things or have things break but having these 4 things will help your day run much smoothly and they take up very little room!  Add these to your gear up list this spring!


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