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Hypersketchy and Hypothermic

First of all, I'd like to apologize to my regular readers for the silence.  I was going to school to become an EMT while dealing with some family health issues over the fall/winter.  I am back, and it feels good to be writing again!  My first big outing of 2018 was exactly what I needed to resurrect my writing.  A day kayak fishing with my good friend Chang of! It is March in Wisconsin.  Temperatures range from -10 to 45.  We can see 50+ degree swings in a day.  The robins and geese are returning from the south, bald eagles and ravens enjoying feasts of the roadkill previously frozen under feet of snow.  Wisconsinites are out in t-shirts and shorts, anxiously awaiting warm-weather activities. When this happens you'll find a majority of Wisconsinites doing things the rest of the country would deem "crazy".  We wear shorts, we grill (though we never actually stop doing that all winter), we take convertibles out (top down), motorcycles will be spott

Back to Basics

Being disconnected from the world via technology is an odd thing.  The day prior, I had lost my phone in the Mississippi River, you can read about it in my article " Mississippi River: Kleptomaniac ".  I found myself reaching for, and attempting to check, my phone a scary number of times.  Like I was an amputee that still had sensations as if my appendage was still attached.  After I came to this realization, I found the situation freeing.  Just silence, like when I was a kid.  No connections, just life.  Though, I'll admit, driving home the night before in the dark of rural Wisconsin was a bit tense.  Should I hit a deer, I could go without seeing another car for hours. Don't get me wrong, I love what technology has brought to our lives.  Especially what it does for the fishing community.  It allows me to connect, communicate, and compete with anglers all over the world.  Social media allows the communication and connections.  The app  Drophook  allows like-minde

Mississippi River: Kleptomaniac

My relationship with the Mississippi River has been a love/hate one this year.  I love the great fishing it has provided me and the beautiful scenery as I travel along the Great River Road along the Wisconsin border as I travel to my fishing spot.  I hate that it has become a kleptomaniac, stealing from me the last two trips.  My last time on the Mississippi, I lost a new spinning combo, which you can read about in my article Old Man River .  We'll get to the latest item robbed later. The adventure began, as per usual, with a plan.  I was talking fishing plans with my friend Chang Lor of  After some discussion, we decided to meet again at the Mississippi.  My cousin, who is familiar with the waters, suggested an area near where we were fishing before.  My home boss (wife) approved and took it as an opportunity to make plans with family out of town.  I began preparing for a weekend fishing marathon. Saturday morning we meet at the launch.  There is a slight

Old Man River

The Mississippi River, Ojibwe, Great River, Big River, The Mighty Mississip', Old Man River, whatever you call it, the Mississippi has provided transportation, power, water, food, industry, and recreation for civilization for hundreds of years.  I'm reminded of the majesty and history of this amazing river every time I drive the beautiful river road with breathtaking outlooks among the Western Wisconsin driftless bluffs and pass the various Laura Ingalls Wilder historic sites in the Pepin, Wisconsin area.  I'm also reminded of the constant evolution of the river and its footprint when I pass Lake Pepin, a pool in the river formed by sediment from the Chippewa River where it merges with the Mississippi.  I'm lucky to have such a beautiful fishery, and scenery, close to home. I've been fortunate to catch some nice bass and pike (even an owl) there.  Locals speak highly of the fishery.  Bassmaster Magazine recognizes several of its pools along the Wisconsin border in