Camo Orange is the New Olive Green

Last night I learned of a surprise fishing partner for today's fishing expedition.  I pulled my FeelFree Lure off my car, and mounted it atop my Jon Boat that my partner would be using.

Before getting my kayak, the Jon Boat was my primary fishing vessel.  It took me to places a large boat could not, and was much lower maintenance.  Well, I have since purchased a FeelFree Lure in Camo Orange.  Camo orange is my new olive green.

Boats still have their place in fishing.  However, my Lure proved its worth as my primary fishing vessel today.  I was able to take it places the Jon Boat was stuck.  But no worries, I was able to tie it to the back of my FeelFree Lure and drag it under the power of my Bending Branches Angler Pro with very little extra effort.  We event tied together to explore a creek that fed the river/reservoir we were fishing.  An impractical feat until I had this versatile fishing machine.