Know When to Fold 'Em

Saturday was a long, but beautiful, day on the water.  After many miles of paddling, and towing a boat with my kayak, I was sore.  My surprise fishing partner and I had every intention of waking up earlier to get on the water earlier the next day.

After a nice night hanging out with our neighborhood friends Saturday night, I hit the bed and quickly fell into dreams of catching more bass.  Frog season is officially in full swing with the Wisconsin temperatures staying steady.

After going to bed too late, my alarm woke me at 4:30 AM on Sunday as planned.  I immediately notice a significant soreness in my upper body.  I dismount the bed with the grace of a newborn giraffe and stumble to the living room.  My fishing partner isn't up yet.  I spend a few minutes checking my blogs social media accounts then fall asleep in the recliner.

Awaking a few minutes later, I take it as a sign that this was not my fishing day.  After a restful sleep, I awake to my family and learn my fishing partner was up an hour later.  He too opted to return to his slumber after he found I did the same.

I spent the morning with my family.  We went out to breakfast and ran some errands.  Itching to regain my position in the KBF regional challenge hosted by TourneyX, I ask my wife about our plans for the day.  To my delight the plans allowed for me to get in a few hours of solo fishing.  I load up my FeelFree Lure and head to my local reservoir.

I immediately head to the location that produced several bass via frog the previous day.  The temperatures are still beautiful and the sky blue.  However, Saturday's non-existent wind has decided to make up for lost time.  It is blowing 10-20.  Luckily I was fishing shallow and my stakeout pole was able to keep me planted.

A few casts in and I get several promising hits on the frog.  The bites quickly stop as I move deeper into the spawning pocket.  I try to switch frog styles/covers with no difference.  They are still biting in the same area, but aren't fully committing.

After a couple of frustrating hours of working the mats without success, I decide to call it a day.  The excessive wind has compressed the weed mats against the shore.  The bass can't seem to get through it well enough for a hook up.  Nor do they seem interested in making additional effort or hitting in the holes I stop my frog in.

After taking a moment to enjoy the view of the otherwise beautiful day, I think of my family at home.  This is a perfect afternoon to spend time with them outdoors.  I drop the seat on my kayak and paddle ashore.

As I pull my kayak off the water, I answer the usual inquiries about my FeelFree Lure, Garmin Striker 4DV, and Bending Branches Angler Pro setup.  I provide the inquirer's Austin Kayak's information to order it, allow them to take a picture, and load my kayak.  Upon arriving home, much to my delight, my family is outside.  The neighbors have gathered for another fun social gathering and the neighborhood kids participated in an epic water gun fight.

I let my urge to hunt for largemouth and climb the tournament rankings neglect my usual planning.  The high winds, high heat, heavy fishing pressure from the prior day, and short fishing window were not ideal.  Don't get me wrong, any time on the water is beautiful.  However, sometimes you need to know when to fold 'em and spend time with friends and family.  The great KBF/TourneyX format gives me the rest of the month to climb the leader board.  The bass will be there another day, they won't mind if you don't spend time with them for the day.