Calling All Anglers!!!

I am relatively new to the community of kayak fishing.  This amazing community is gaining popularity and welcomed me with open arms with unbelievable support.  This community has shown their "stripes" at a new level.  This time, it isn't about likes, comments, followers, views, hits, shares, posts, ads, or mentions.  It is about people, kayakers and non-kayakers, anglers and non-anglers, and their lives.

On June 23rd, West Virginia was hit was hit with massive flooding.  The amazing folks at Mountain State Kayak Anglers immediately took action to help those impacted by this devastating event. They promptly collected donations and supplies to help those impacted by this terrible event.  They also started a raffle with an unbelievable list of prizes (which continues to grow).  They also collaborated with the amazing folks at Kayak Bass Fishing and TourneyX to start a benefit tournament from which all proceeds go to the victims.

The prompt support of the kayak fishing community across the country in such a short amount of time makes me honored to call myself a kayak fisherman.  Thus, I'm calling all anglers.

Whether you fish from the shore, a video game, kayak, canoe, raft, pontoon, bass boat, dock, swimming noodle, arm floaties, tube, waders, your dreams, a cruise ship, or a yacht.  Whether you fish for bass, marlin, panfish, pike, tuna, salmon, trout, or whatever-the-hell-bites-my-damn-hook, help the greater angling community rise up and show our love of fishing extends to fellow humankind.

You can show your support by:
Entering the MSKA raffle with an unbelievable, growing, list of prizes here:!product-page/w3ab2/3e2c2f8a-02dd-cdaf-0086-e247f702cc54
Entering the MSKA Flood Relief Tournament backed by Kayak Bass Fishing and TourneyX here (some people are entering even if not fishing, simply to donate money to the amazing cause):

Let us rise up and show the world the strength and support of this amazing community of all anglers!