Your Humbling Kindness

I typically write about my fishing shenanigans, good and bad.  I wanted to take a break from the topic to pause and thank my audience.  Your support, kindness, and acceptance are humbling.

I started this adventure in blogging and social media 2 months ago.  Never did I think it would turn into a great following with such support.  I am not one to gloat, but wanted to share the milestones reached in the last two months as a "shout out" and thank you to the people and organizations that have supported the sharing of the shenanigans that escape my head, through my fingers, via the keyboard onto the Internet.

The "mothership" of my shenanigans is my blog,  In the first two months, I have received over 12,700 hits.  My last post received 1,300 hits in under 12 hours and is about to surpass 1,500 overall.  My Facebook page had over 1,000 likes in 2 weeks.  To-date it is over 1,100 likes.  My Twitter account was over 1,200 follows in 2 weeks.  To-date I am over 1,600 followers.   My Instagram has been my primary focus, which also reached 1,200 followers in 2 weeks.  To-date it has over 2,000 followers.

To add to my social media offerings, my family gave me an early gift of a Garmin VIRB XE last week.  I have since been able to add an initial video to my YouTube channel (the first two videos were shot using my daughters borrowed children action cam).  The videos will get better as I have a degree in video production.  The first video was a trial run of the new equipment.

In addition to the amazing social media following and acceptance, I have been honored to be supported by two great companies.  Ardent has welcomed me onto their pro-staff team.  I'm proud to represent a company who stands behind their product with a 3-year warranty.  Garmin has also graciously re-published a previous article I wrote.  Midwest Bass Magazine was also kind enough to publish some of my writing.  TourneyTag has saved me from losing my fish and/or identifier while taking a photo for my tournament.  KBF puts an extraordinary effort into promoting and supporting the sport I love.  TourneyX puts in an amazing level of effort to provide a platform to support tournaments for the sport.  I also thank FeelFree kayaks and Bending Branches for making amazing products with top-notch customer service that have got me through difficult situations.  And, of course, Austin Canoe and Kayak for the amazing prices, customer service, and shipping.

Several people have looked to me for honest feedback on my equipment.  I am happy to help and answer any questions.  I'm also honored that people would trust me to provide honest feedback.  I will continue to do so, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

To thank my followers/readers, I am planning a giveaway of Ardent gear when future milestones are hit.  To ensure you get the "memo", please like and follow my accounts for announcements coming soon!

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Thank you again for the unbelievable support.  If you have any questions or would like to see any other content, do not hesitate to reach out via my social media channels.

Be safe, tight lines my friends.